About Us

About Us

Name & Designation of Chief : Saraswati Dhruw, President
Year of establishment: 2005 (31-8- 2005)

Legal Status

  1. Registered under C.G. Societies Registration Act (44of 1973)
  2. Date of Registration & no.: 31st August 2005 & No. C.G.1135
  3. Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 1976
  4. FCRA No: 327520048 (Dated 17-04-09)
  5. Registered under 12 A of Income Tax Registration No 82/2008-2009
  6. Having Permanent Account Number (PAN) bearing the no. AAAAK7185M
  7. Registered under TAN vide No. (Applied and is under process.)
  8. Registered under 80(G) of Income Tax Registration No 32/09-10/1195
  9. Registered under Employees Provident Fund vide no. OR – No

Geographical operational areas:

At present, our organization has been intervening in 14 gram panchayats of Gariaband Mainpur Blocks under Raipur district.
These are

Sl. No. Name of the blocks Name of the Gram Panchayats
1 Gariaband Jungle Dhawalpur, Mohda, Ghataud, Mardakala, Aamamora , Navagarh, Saatdhar,
2 Mainpur Tuhameta, Boirgaon, Kulhadi Ghat, Taurenga, Sahebin Kachhar, Gobra, Adgadi,
Total 2 14

Target Group:
Women, children, youth, dalit, tribes especially PTGs(Kamar and Bhunjiya) of rural areas, people with disabilities, landless, disadvantaged sections of the society

Focus Area:

  1. Mother & Child Health
  2. Disability
  3. livelihood
  4. Promotion of local self governance
  5. Advocacy & Networking
  6. Kamar & Bhunjiyas(PTGs)

Core Values at KAJJS

  1. Peoples’ participation in all community works
  2. Gender equality & equity
  3. The Empowerment of Kamar and Bhunjiya
  4. Stress on tribal and disadvantaged sections especially of children & women of the society
  5. Democratic decision making process